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Who are The Institute of CPD?

The Institute of CPD is a globally connected organisation that engages with professionals in business, government, education and the professions. 

Since 1995, we have been building a new kind of professional in many countries; the kind who are not afraid to question and challenge old ways of thinking and doing. Professionals who don’t think they’ve heard it all before, or pretend they will ever know it all; the persistent kind. People who dig deeper and put ideas over ego. We welcome those who are looking to not only succeed in the business world but to shape it for the better.


It all began in 1981 when Jonathan Harris CBE pioneered an idea, the opportunity for individuals to improve their skills, work and professional practice by committing to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  

Having spent his career within the property and surveying fields, and as President of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Jonathan had extensive experience in the importance of further education and lifelong learning.

In the 1980’s unemployment had risen to over three million. Yet, Jonathan had witnessed first hand, the improved opportunities and career advantages for individuals who were committed to undertaking regular CPD, despite the economic conditions.

Jonathan Harris CBE FInstCPD

Initially founding the Continuing Professional Development Foundation, he provided busy property and surveying professionals the opportunity to undertake lectures and seminars at low cost but as high quality, relevant learning experiences. Known as the Continuing Professional Development Foundation Lecture Programme, it has been extremely successful and today thousands attend the lectures or watch them online.

In 1995, Jonathan went on to found the Institute of CPD.  This was an advancement of the CPD Foundation and was not confined to the property and surveying sector.  Instead, the Institute of CPD welcomes individuals from all sectors, age groups and qualification levels.   It provides an opportunity for individuals to commit to undertaking formal CPD, demonstrating their philosophy of keeping up to date and thirst for ongoing learning. 

The Continuing Professional Development Foundation has recently been renamed The Harris Foundation for Lifelong Learning. To this day, Jonathan is the chair and a strong advocate for ongoing education and CPD.

Trustees of the Institute of CPD

The trustees of the Institute of CPD are listed below, all of whom have a passion for further education and are keen that the legacy of lifelong learning lives on.

Jonathan Harris CBE

Sir Denis Pereira Gray Kt OBE

Vivien King

Lord Bichard of Nailsworth KCB

Dame Gillian Guy DBE