CPD Institute

CPD & The Institute

The Institute is a cross-professional forum working to affirm and promote the critical importance of continuing professional development as a major part of lifelong learning.

Its objectives are:

  • to reinforce standards relating to CPD

  • to seek to encourage all professions continually to examine their minimum CPD requirements and the effectiveness of their monitoring processes

  • to encourage professionals to take seriously their responsibility in keeping up to date.

Why Continuing Professional Development?

Continuing Professional Development is the systematic maintenance and improvement, of knowledge, skills and competence, and the enhancement of learning undertaken by an individual throughout his or her working life.

CPD is no longer an optional extra to be undertaken according to the random needs or wishes of the individual or to meet some ill-defined, short-term organisational requirements. Planned and structured CPD is now vital for survival and prosperity in an increasingly litigious society and in a world where knowledge is the key to success.

Until quite recently the main emphasis in CPD has been on input measured in terms of points or hours. What is important, however, is the learning and competence achieved as a result of CPD. Professional bodies, as well as education and training establishments, employers' organisations and trade unions, need to find effective ways of measuring this learning and competence in a form acceptable to their members.

The current debate on CPD is characterised by many issues, including:

  • Provision

  • Accreditation and Evaluation

  • Definition and Planning

  • Recording and Demonstrating

  • Promotion

For more information on accreditation and recognition of CPD output and activity - see Accreditation.

Fellowship and Membership

The key to the Institute achieving its aim of raising overall standards is by promoting recognition of an individual's ongoing commitment to CPD through Fellowship or Membership. This provides an immediate indication of achievement through entitlement to the designatory letters FInstCPD or MInstCPD. These letters bring public and peer recognition of a real commitment to continuous professional improvement.

The Institute is not restricted to one profession; it exists to foster and encourage rising standards in CPD across the entire professional community. Enhanced learning and business opportunities are key benefits of membership of the Institute, facilitating networking between and across the different professions.

Such networking is assisted by the Institute's comprehensive website, providing a search and select facility for individual contacts as well as news, articles and links. Fellows and Members are given the opportunity to publish their profiles and contact details, available for public access.

Working with other organisations, including professional bodies, the Institute provides for its members additional benefits on a reciprocal basis, including online lectures, publications at special rates, and a wide range of CPD events.