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Bye Laws

The Bye-Laws of The Institute of Continuing Professional Development (the "Institute")

A Administration

The affairs of the Institute shall be managed by the Executive, whose Officers are appointed by the Trustees / Directors of the Continuing Professional Development Foundation. Subject to the terms of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Foundation, the powers of the Executive include determining and making changes and additions to the Bye-Laws, acting in all matters on the Institute's behalf, and delegating any of its responsibilities in such manner and to such extent as it deems appropriate.

Members of the Institute are not afforded voting rights.

B The Institute's Educational Objects

The Institute's objects ("the objects") are to raise the effectiveness of professionals and professional organisations relating to continuing professional development; to encourage the dissemination of best practice and the overall promotion of the benefits of lifelong learning; to organise and promote training, education and research in continuing professional development and related fields; to award (and where appropriate withdraw) qualifications to persons who are approved by the Institute; to provide forums for the exchange of state of the art knowledge and expertise; to promote all aspects of continuing professional learning; and in so doing to bring to the attention of the public the prominence of its members.

C Membership

(1) (a) Membership shows commitment beyond the individual practice of CPD; it reflects the belief that keeping up to date and continually seeking to raise standards are actions for the greater public good. CPD as a part of an individual's lifelong learning, to the benefit of the individual and their clients, colleagues and the whole of society, is central to the philosophy of the Institute and its members.

(b) The members of the Institute shall consist of three classes, namely, Fellows, Honorary Fellows and Members, and such other classes as the Executive may decide from time to time.

(c) Each such member shall have completed the application form for membership. The rights attaching to each class of membership and the criteria for membership and renewal shall be as specified by the Executive from time to time. Membership and renewal is subject to payment when due, or as otherwise agreed by the Executive, of the requisite annual subscription set by the Executive from time to time.

(d) Unless otherwise agreed by the Executive, all members of the Institute shall comply with any specific CPD requirements laid down by their own professional body.

(e) Honorary Fellowship shall be awarded to individuals at the discretion of the Executive.

(f) The Executive may from time to time set and alter the criteria for membership of the various classes and the respective rights.

(2) The designation of members by distinguishing initials or words, to be used, unless agreed otherwise by the Executive, after the member's main specialist qualification, where one exists, and shall be as follows:-

(a) Every Fellow shall be entitled to use the initials FInstCPD (i.e. Fellow of The Institute of Continuing Professional Development);

(b) Every Honorary Fellow shall be entitled to use the initials FInstCPD (Hon) (i.e. Honorary Fellow of The Institute of Continuing Professional Development); and

(c) Every Member shall be entitled to the initials MInstCPD (i.e. Member of The Institute of Continuing Professional Development).

(3) Subject to the acceptance by the Institute of an application for membership, every Fellow and Member shall upon payment of the first subscription, or within a reasonable time thereafter, receive a certificate of membership and shall so long as he/she remains a member be entitled to retain the certificate subject to the provisions of the Bye-Laws.

(4) Continuing membership is subject to submission of a renewal application form, and acceptance by or on behalf of the Executive, on an annual basis.

(5) Every certificate issued to a Fellow, Honorary Fellow and Member shall be in such form as the Executive may from time to time determine and shall be the property of the Institute.

(6) Subject to Clause (9) below, the Executive may expel from membership members who the Executive is satisfied on the balance of probabilities have conducted themselves in such a manner as to prejudice their professional status or the reputation of the Institute.

(7) Any member who is excluded from membership of a Professional Body other than as a result of resignation or non-payment of monies due to it shall, unless the Executive decides otherwise, automatically cease to be a member of the Institute.

(8) Subject to Clause (9) below the Executive may suspend or terminate the membership of any individual member.

(9) A member under consideration for suspension or termination of membership shall be so notified and shall be accorded reasonable opportunity to make written representations and to be heard by the Executive, accompanied by a friend or associate before a final decision is made.

(10) In the event of termination or suspension of membership for any of the causes set forth in the Bye-Laws the member concerned shall be bound forthwith to return the certificate of membership to the Executive and cease to use the membership initials.

D Notices

Any notice required to be served on any member of the Institute shall be in writing and shall be served by or on behalf of the Executive on any member either personally or by sending it through the post in a prepaid letter addressed to such member at his/her last notified address, and any letter so sent shall be deemed to have been received within 10 days of posting.

E Alterations to the Bye-Laws

The Bye-Laws may be altered by a resolution passed by the Executive.

January 2008