CPD Institute


The Institute's Partnership With The CPD Standards Office

Please note that the CPD Institute does not accredit CPD activities.

However, The CPD Institute and the CPD Standards Office formally work together to achieve their joint vision of raising the standard of CPD provision and encouraging new and better ways of undertaking CPD.


The CPD Institute works mainly with individuals and employees of large organisations to encourage the widespread practice of CPD. Professionals in any sector who demonstrate their commitment to CPD can gain recognition by becoming Members or Fellows of the Institute.

The CPD Standards Office seeks to raise the standing of CPD through its research activities, building stronger links between the stakeholders in CPD, and accrediting traditional and modern forms of CPD activities (in particular coaches, conferences, lectures, seminars and workshops, instructor-led training courses, and online provision).

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How the Institute works with CPD Standards Office

Together we aim to raise the standard of CPD provision, develop our understanding of CPD in today’s work environment and improve individuals’ experiences of undertaking and recording CPD