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About The Institute

The Institute is currently taking no payments for new membership applications or for renewals

We are reviewing the future operations of the Institute and will provide further information in due course.

The world in which all professionals practise is changing. Global competition has never been more intense. Clients are becoming more knowledgeable and more demanding. Technology continues to affect all aspects of our lives. The knowledge-base of the professions, and of the sectors in which they operate, has also increased. With such developments come new opportunities: new clients, new markets, new areas of practice and new methods of working. These changes demand ever-evolving knowledge, skills and understanding and an increasing demonstration of commitment to lifelong professional learning.

All professionals are assumed to be technically competent and managerially capable. Indeed, in our knowledge-intensive world some have argued that the only real source of sustainable competitive advantage is the ability to recognise and adapt to these changes faster than the competition.

The commitment to keeping up to date is growing in significance as an increasing number of people recognise the benefits of adopting a planned and structured approach to post-qualification learning.

Commitment to CPD is also an acknowledgement that becoming professionally qualified is not an end in itself - it is merely the beginning. Updating skills and knowledge on a continuing basis is essential to career progression, particularly given the passing of the 'job for life' and rigorously-defined career path cultures.

Now, individuals, of whatever profession, who demonstrate an added personal commitment to CPD, and who believe in keeping up to date and seeking to raise standards for the greater public good, are able to be rewarded with the designatory letters FInstCPD or MInstCPD.

Prior to its acquisition by RICS in 2011, the Institute was a part of the CPD Foundation; an educational charitable trust founded in 1981.  In 2011, and after 30 years, the Foundation’s founder, Jonathan Harris CBE FRICS, passed to RICS the Foundation’s business and RICS are continuing to expand the activities and build on Jonathan’s hard work and enterprise.  The Foundation's guiding principle is centered on the role of CPD in updating core skills, keeping abreast of new developments and the part it plays in an individual’s career, an employer’s overall performance and the protection of the public at large.

The Foundation’s programme remains easy to use, very affordable and of excellent quality – the content is informed and delivered by experts within the industry itself.  It led the way for similar schemes across the professions.

From an informal structure, with evening lectures hosted by and for firms and their employees, the Foundation has grown into a long-term and trusted provider offering a comprehensive solution to the technical, business and interpersonal skill requirements of not only property but other professionals.  Its innovative and highly efficient membership scheme ensures optimum accessibility to a complete CPD package.